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eli8765 The doctors are not always right. “Quickly Earn Up To 300$ Weekly and Earn 6900$ Monthly With Bonus So Easy And Safe Income On Here See…”
Dr Gary Everybody’s got an opinion -- how do you… “Here’s what I think you should do… How often have you heard that one? Usually from a family member or…”
babyhawaii Whew! Am I Ever Mad! What are you… “I got so very angry yest bout something that happened.I got a stomach ache from it.Have to get my mind…”
marieanne My Own Woman :) “Good post! You are strong & you can do it! No one should have to defend themselves at a support…”
birch21 Quick Poll: Is it important to you to… “So true about doctors being in a hurry and most have overbooked the time slot until they can't spend an…”

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