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redorangedog RA and OA in fingers “Heberden's nodes, swelling, pain, loss of manual dexterity. see photo's on Wikipedia of 2 nd index fingers of right and…”
Dr Gary Frustration: yours and your doctor’s. Any experiences? “HI porkyd, nice to meet you. Glad you are here. And I am so sorry to hear what you are…”
Maggi Veronica Health/Wellness Coaching “ugh I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately that is more of a medical thing you would probably need to…” You can’t always predict how you’ll feel. What… “I had always prayed for God to keep my together until I got my kids all raised. Well He answered…”
JaniceinGA Anti-CCP, RA and PMR “Update: I never had RA, no matter what that anti-CCP test said. I am now fully recovered and have taken…”

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