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Dr Gary Got the Holiday Blues? You’re Not Alone! “Hey Red, I get it. I understand what you mean. We spend a lot of time conversing during the holidays…”
redorangedog planter fascitise “Your foot has thick, fibrous band of tissue (''fascia'') reaching from your heel to your toes. These tissues support the…”
acebass How do I know what type of arthritis… “You need to go to orthopedic surgeon - one who only treats foot to knee. I can't imagine breaking your…”
Westjad XeljanzXR “I have RA FOR AROUND 7 years and I’m 61 now. It seemed as if it occurred after my knee…”
DeanCravens Knee Pain Relief “After suffering since high school football with knee pain the doctors told me there was nothing left they could do…”

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