Fibromyalgia Seminar

By Lana Submitted At May 9, 2010 Views 3,183 Comments 3

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Giacomo54 July 1 at 2:54 am   
Edited July 1 at 3:00 am by Giacomo54

Frustration with this Disease for 17 years. I WAS being Treated by Dr. Rebecca Patchin, MD (Retired) and former president of AMA. She was 'convinced I had Fibromyalgia' and Chronic Pain from 7 spinal surgeries (I see those 'Red Flags') at C2 thru C6 'fused' and L4 thru S1 fused…(Both KNEES operated on Meniscus. ACL tear. right knee: 2 surgeries. left: 1 surgery)The SCAR on back of neck & side is HUGE. The first fusion was ZIPPER posterior scar. Neck! Then Low Back is fine! Thankfully. The Cervical problem feels like ELECTRICAL CURRENT HURTING ME AND BODY 'SQUEEZING ME'. Muscles damage, Nerve Damage, Tissue Damage. Those surgeries were 6 to 11 HOURS in length. CUTTING, BURNING, STRETCHING, REMOVING PIECES OF NECK AREA (Bone, tissue etc.) Fusing with 'Iliac Crest' from my hip. Resistance in neck due to 'fusion'. The PAIN IS REAL. I am very upset about what we are NOT DOING ABOUT IT. How long can a Legitimate Patient last with this much Pain? The Government is SCARING DOCTORS & THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THEIR JOBS. USE THEIR EXPERIENCE, LEARNED TECHNIQUES. Gov't should STAY OUT OF DOCTORS OFFICES!!! For gods sake. Tried: Acupuncture, Psychotherapy 5 years. Biofeedback. Aquatic Rehab 5 years. Massage (made me worse). Walks. Light YOGA & stretching. Soft Music/Meditation. Writing through Pain (screenplay, Faith Based). Church. Positive thinking. Neurontin ONLY Medication besides 3 daily of a pain killer. Way too much Aspirin! 350 mg 12 daily sometimes more…(Bedridden mostly). Doing all the above hurts me…My body racked with pain!!! Over 60. Former Athlete: football. Baseball. Basketball age 6 thru 18. age 27-39: Karate, boating. Hiking. Body building was serious. Corporate Jobs 23 years, worldwide. Tennis primary sport 'A level'. Pool. Swimming. Stayed in shape daily no matter what I did for job or where but, Surgeries REDUCED ME TO NOTHING. Pain constant. Nothing relieves it but, the 2 pills above for 3 hours. Prescribed for 8 hours? Gov't is killing us with PAIN. DEPRESSION. LACK OF PROPER CARE! Thanks, Malibu Beach, California (P.S.: No sane person WANTS TO BE LIKE THIS for Gods sake! I am sane. Normal? lol I have a 81 corvette. 59 Bell Boy Boat. home. thousands of dollars in tennis gear, tennis balls rackets, boating stuff, vette stuff. film industry contacts and acting oppty's. Positive Reinforcement/Motivated. PAIN IS STOPPING ALL OF IT!!! No, I hate this. It must stop).

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