Arthritis Product Reviews

Lana Easy Grip Nail Clippers These nail clippers are designed for stiff and/arthritic hands. What is more is that they are easy to use and…
By Lana Added at October 22, 2010 Reviews 10
Crazy Jane Flector patches Approx. 4 Inches by 6 inches. Two come in a packet. Odorless. Really great results!!
By Crazy Jane Added at October 15, 2010 Reviews 53
Ray Vaughn Sulindac 200 MG TABLET MYL.
By Ray Vaughn Added at September 11, 2010 Reviews 3
MissPuff Sling Folding Cane Four footed cane that opens up with a wide canvas seat, allowing a person to walk, then sit on the…
By MissPuff Added at August 9, 2010 Reviews 13
Lana WMF Profi Plus Lid Gripper I received this from CSN stores online. I had a whole bunch of jar openers in different sizes and…
By Lana Added at July 14, 2010 Reviews 4
Lana Aventine Hill Rosemary Mint handcrafted soap This was a natural and organic soap that I received from Aventine Hill Bath Emporium. It is local company but…
By Lana Added at July 14, 2010 Reviews 3
Lana Aventine Hill Sore Muscles Bath Salts These salts are made of 100% pure Dead Sea salts from Israel and Yogurt Powder. They will help you relieve…
By Lana Added at July 14, 2010 Reviews 3
Lana Ergo Sof PenAgain Ergo Sof PenAgain Pens are Ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour of your hand and this alleviates stress normally…
By Lana Added at June 25, 2010 Reviews 5
Lana One Touch Can Opener This tool is perfect for those with arthritic or weak hands.
By Lana Added at June 4, 2010 Reviews 7
Lana One Touch Jar Opener Makes opening jar simple for those with arthritis or weak hands.
By Lana Added at June 4, 2010 Reviews 5
[deleted] Real Time Pain Relief Lotion Blue Gel to rub into painful joints and muscles for pain relief. All natural product that works better the more…
By [deleted] Added at May 23, 2010 Reviews 5
bella vista Good Life Resources( It's a company that provide all my medications and creams, etc. Theyu deliver everything directly to my home at no…
By bella vista Added at May 24, 2010 Reviews 3
Lana Therall Arthritis Gloves Offer those suffering from arthritis in the hands and other hand conditions a solution to reduce pain and swelling.
By Lana Added at May 21, 2010 Reviews 8
smitty2 Lifewave Patches patches are made of tiny molecules of oxygen,amino acids,sugars and water,they are non-transdermal,Each patch has a different organic crystalline structure…
By smitty2 Added at May 12, 2010 Reviews 1
KathrynA Oxycise! It's a combination of isometric exercises and deep breathing.
By KathrynA Added at May 9, 2010 Reviews 9
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