Arthritis Product Reviews — S

Lana Safety Tub & Shower Bar Balance is major issue when you live with an arthritis condition. What is unique about this bar is it is…
By Lana Added at March 3, 2010 Reviews 5
edvel54 shoe and boot valet The Shoe & Boot Valet gives independence! The valet helps individuals put on and take off their shoes with just one…
By edvel54 Added at July 29, 2011 Reviews 8
MissPuff Sling Folding Cane Four footed cane that opens up with a wide canvas seat, allowing a person to walk, then sit on the…
By MissPuff Added at August 9, 2010 Reviews 13
marieanne sportscreme Great pain-relieving power that lasts for hours! Doesn't stink, burn, freeze-just takes the pain away! Hope it helps someone out…
By marieanne Added at May 21, 2011 Reviews 9
edvel54 stair lift chair Stairlifts, or chairlifts, are for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to an accident, illness or age. Understandably, some people…
By edvel54 Added at March 12, 2012 Reviews 4
edvel54 stim_U_Lax hand massager Unique design of the Oster lets the motor redistribute its weight up, down, and from side to side fast enough…
By edvel54 Added at June 29, 2011 Reviews 4
hobber Stopain Pump spray-on.
By hobber Added at June 27, 2011 Reviews 4
Ray Vaughn Sulindac 200 MG TABLET MYL.
By Ray Vaughn Added at September 11, 2010 Reviews 3
1cookie :) Sunbeam Slumberheat Pad Larger (~3' x 2') size heating pad.
By 1cookie :) Added at March 31, 2011 Reviews 11
marieanne SUPERFOODS for ur health! SUPERFOODS book- Author: Dolores Riccio.
By marieanne Added at June 1, 2011 Reviews 9
talkablelady Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Powder Helps Strengthen Immune Response,Supports GI Tract Health,Supports Recovery & Muscle Growth, Better than Whey Protein for Power & Performance recommend…
By talkablelady Added at July 19, 2011 Reviews 14
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