Arthritis Product Reviews — M

talkablelady Magnesium with Chelated Zinc by Spring Valley Natutral can get at WalMart is a dietary supplement for Bone health recommends 3 tablets a day I take 6 due to being over 300lbs.
By talkablelady Added at July 19, 2011 Reviews 3
[deleted] Magnetic Therapeutic Jewelry Bracelets or necklaces made of magnetic beads.
By [deleted] Added at March 1, 2011 Reviews 9
edvel54 MediBeads Neck Rest heat therapy product to deliver immediate pain relieving moist heat therapy to the neck and shoulders. Will last for 3…
By edvel54 Added at June 8, 2011 Reviews 4
kittenpurr1 MedicIdBracelet A life saving bracelet that comes in many colors and sizes. You plug into the computer, it hold a lot…
By kittenpurr1 Added at March 29, 2011 Reviews 10
Lizziebell60 Melatonin Sleep aid.
By Lizziebell60 Added at January 22, 2013 Reviews 7
MichaelSanford Meloxicam Mobic - an arthritis pill I take only once a day to slow the arthritis I have in my finger…
By MichaelSanford Added at April 11, 2010 Reviews 6
tharr I used to work out nearly every day preRA days. Realistically now, I do good to manage 2-3 days a…
By tharr Added at December 14, 2010 Reviews 2
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