Arthritis Product Reviews — G

Lana Gas cap turner Many people with arthritis have trouble when they get to the gas pump and cannot remove and turn the cap.
By Lana Added at April 7, 2010 Reviews 4
momamouse Ginger root This is a capsule.
By momamouse Added at December 15, 2011 Reviews 3
Lana Good Grips Button Hook The cushioned grip makes buttoning clothes easy. It can be purchased at Amazon or Aids for Arthritis, Inc. Amazon link.
By Lana Added at March 5, 2010 Reviews 6
Lana Good Grips Utensils Set of 5 These utensils offer comfortable built-up handles and flexible ribbing that conforms to any grip. The spoon and fork have a…
By Lana Added at March 6, 2010 Reviews 6
bella vista Good Life Resources( It's a company that provide all my medications and creams, etc. Theyu deliver everything directly to my home at no…
By bella vista Added at May 24, 2010 Reviews 3
edvel54 Grabber with LED Light Use in any hard to reach place, such as under or next to a stove or refrigerator, between or under…
By edvel54 Added at June 8, 2011 Reviews 1
Lana Great Grips Door Knob Grippers For most people, something as simple as opening a door is taken for granted. Unfortunately, for people suffering from arthritis…
By Lana Added at March 1, 2010 Reviews 6
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