Arthritis Product Reviews — Prescriptions

Cowgirl2aTEE Valium 10 mg-3 times a day My doctor prescribed Valium as a muscle relaxant to relieve the muscle spasms I was having in my lower back…
By Cowgirl2aTEE Added at May 26, 2012 Reviews 4
edvel54 stair lift chair Stairlifts, or chairlifts, are for anyone having difficulty with stairs due to an accident, illness or age. Understandably, some people…
By edvel54 Added at March 12, 2012 Reviews 4
edvel54 vehicle transfer seat This product was designed specifically for pickup trucks and higher SUVs. Mounted under the vehicle in a sealed and protected…
By edvel54 Added at March 12, 2012 Reviews 2
ksrnsky loratab pain med.
By ksrnsky Added at October 27, 2011 Reviews 6
sandypops Neurontin 300 mgs, Gabapentin is the Generic Form Neurontinis an medicine that helps the pain of Nerve Damage.
By sandypops Added at October 13, 2011 Reviews 17
littlemonkey Doxepin 75 mg or 150 mg. I have found this to help with the pain , relieving stress and helps you to sleep. It is taken…
By littlemonkey Added at October 9, 2011 Reviews 8
mistysmom06 Timer for Pill Bottle Reminder for taking medication.
By mistysmom06 Added at September 2, 2011 Reviews 7
marieanne Push button 7 day pill reminder Great brand, quality product- "Rexall brand" Extra large compartments, pop open pill keeper. Barely touch to open, when hands are…
By marieanne Added at July 1, 2011 Reviews 13
Ameena2011 Lorazepam 2mg Lorazapam is an medicine that helps the brain relax and send messages to the rest of the body and puts…
By Ameena2011 Added at May 18, 2011 Reviews 6
Ameena2011 Diazapam Relieves pain, helps you sleep, also good for anxiety .
By Ameena2011 Added at April 19, 2011 Reviews 6
Ameena2011 Diclofinac Sodium Pain reliever and anti-inflamatory.
By Ameena2011 Added at April 19, 2011 Reviews 1
1cookie :) Celebrex 200mg--aka Celecoxib-oral (other strengths available also) This medication ia a NSAID- non steroidal anti-inflamtory drug, specifically a COX-2 inhibitor, which relieves pain and swelling (inflammation). It…
By 1cookie :) Added at April 3, 2011 Reviews 22
kittenpurr1 MedicIdBracelet A life saving bracelet that comes in many colors and sizes. You plug into the computer, it hold a lot…
By kittenpurr1 Added at March 29, 2011 Reviews 10
SZane Voltaren Gel !000mg A rub that smells when you first put it on your joint or muscles. It works very well for me.
By SZane Added at December 9, 2010 Reviews 21
Crazy Jane Flector patches Approx. 4 Inches by 6 inches. Two come in a packet. Odorless. Really great results!!
By Crazy Jane Added at October 15, 2010 Reviews 53
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