Arthritis Product Reviews — Pain Management

Lana Bed Buddy Warming Shawl The shawl covers the shoulders, neck and arms. It is comfortable to wear and is attractive coming in two colors…
By Lana Added at August 6, 2012 Reviews 6
Nana Rachall A cane that not only adjusts to your height but closes up and fits in a pouch when not in…
By Nana Rachall Added at July 13, 2012 Reviews 5
Cowgirl2aTEE Valium 10 mg-3 times a day My doctor prescribed Valium as a muscle relaxant to relieve the muscle spasms I was having in my lower back…
By Cowgirl2aTEE Added at May 26, 2012 Reviews 4
Nino77 Osteo Bi-Flex with 5-Loxin I have posted this in another section... My left knee is so painful that I couldn't walk up a few steps.
By Nino77 Added at May 11, 2012 Reviews 4
Nino77 5-LOXIN Sold in the vitamin section in combination with other vitamins in its mixture. Better stores like Walgreens sell it under…
By Nino77 Added at May 11, 2012 Reviews 1
edvel54 Porch Lift porch mobility challenged lift is a residential lift that provides efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even…
By edvel54 Added at March 12, 2012 Reviews 3
magknip Akvamin A natural supplement for joints, bones and muscles. Rich in natural calcium, magnesium and 74 other trace minerals. Studied and…
By magknip Added at November 11, 2011 Reviews 2
ksrnsky loratab pain med.
By ksrnsky Added at October 27, 2011 Reviews 6
sandypops Neurontin 300 mgs, Gabapentin is the Generic Form Neurontinis an medicine that helps the pain of Nerve Damage.
By sandypops Added at October 13, 2011 Reviews 17
littlemonkey Doxepin 75 mg or 150 mg. I have found this to help with the pain , relieving stress and helps you to sleep. It is taken…
By littlemonkey Added at October 9, 2011 Reviews 8
bphopeful1 Capsaicin derived from red pepper; medical trials show it does help with nerve pain. I tried it & sure enough,…
By bphopeful1 Added at September 28, 2011 Reviews 5
1cookie :) Tiger Balm An OTC topical alalgesic.
By 1cookie :) Added at September 5, 2011 Reviews 8
morningsunshine Icy Hot Gel form/or no mess applicator.
By morningsunshine Added at September 4, 2011 Reviews 6
jlsantini OrthoEase Massage Oil OrthoEase Massage Oil from Young Living. Essential oils like wintergreen, peppermint, juniper, lemongrass in an carrier oil base of olive…
By jlsantini Added at July 17, 2011 Reviews 8
Becca34 Roomba Robotic vacuum that does the work for you!!!
By Becca34 Added at July 6, 2011 Reviews 19
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