Arthritis Product Reviews — Osteoarthritis

[deleted] Real Time Pain Relief Lotion Blue Gel to rub into painful joints and muscles for pain relief. All natural product that works better the more…
By [deleted] Added at May 23, 2010 Reviews 5
MichaelSanford Meloxicam Mobic - an arthritis pill I take only once a day to slow the arthritis I have in my finger…
By MichaelSanford Added at April 11, 2010 Reviews 6
Lana Gas cap turner Many people with arthritis have trouble when they get to the gas pump and cannot remove and turn the cap.
By Lana Added at April 7, 2010 Reviews 4
Lana Heated Computer Accessories by Value Ray If you work at a computer on daily basis, you will have wrist, finger, hand and arm pain, stiffness, coldness…
By Lana Added at April 7, 2010 Reviews 3
Lana Zibra ZPCOPEN-OR Open It Universal Package Opener This tool can be used to open bags, cans, boxes or containers. It has a poke for opening container lids…
By Lana Added at March 12, 2010 Reviews 4
Lana Duro-Med Reach Extender Hip Kit This kit includes an assortment of items to make reaching easier. Kit contains: 27’ dressing aid stick, 26” aluminum reacher…
By Lana Added at March 10, 2010 Reviews 7
Lana Good Grips Button Hook The cushioned grip makes buttoning clothes easy. It can be purchased at Amazon or Aids for Arthritis, Inc. Amazon link.
By Lana Added at March 5, 2010 Reviews 6
Lana Back to Basics Apple / Potato Peeler This peeler peels, cores and slices with one easy operation. It can be purchased at Amazon for around $20.
By Lana Added at March 4, 2010 Reviews 2
Lana Great Grips Door Knob Grippers For most people, something as simple as opening a door is taken for granted. Unfortunately, for people suffering from arthritis…
By Lana Added at March 1, 2010 Reviews 6
tharr Voltaren Gel Voltaren Gel is a prescription NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) treatment that can be applied directly to site of osteoarthritis pain.
By tharr Added at February 27, 2010 Reviews 14
Lana Zim Under Counter Jar Opener This product can be purchased at Aids for Arthritis, Inc. or from Amazon. It will open and close all types…
By Lana Added at March 1, 2010 Reviews 3
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