Arthritis Product Reviews

Crazy Jane Flector patches Approx. 4 Inches by 6 inches. Two come in a packet. Odorless. Really great results!!
By Crazy Jane Added at October 15, 2010 Reviews 53
marieanne A Tens Unit A muscle stimulator that can ease pain & muscle spasms.
By marieanne Added at May 30, 2011 Reviews 28
1cookie :) Celebrex 200mg--aka Celecoxib-oral (other strengths available also) This medication ia a NSAID- non steroidal anti-inflamtory drug, specifically a COX-2 inhibitor, which relieves pain and swelling (inflammation). It…
By 1cookie :) Added at April 3, 2011 Reviews 22
SZane Voltaren Gel !000mg A rub that smells when you first put it on your joint or muscles. It works very well for me.
By SZane Added at December 9, 2010 Reviews 21
boston T Naproxen Naproxen is a NSAID that is sold over the counter. It's commonly used for the reduction of mild to moderate…
By boston T Added at February 9, 2010 Reviews 19
Becca34 Roomba Robotic vacuum that does the work for you!!!
By Becca34 Added at July 6, 2011 Reviews 19
sandypops Neurontin 300 mgs, Gabapentin is the Generic Form Neurontinis an medicine that helps the pain of Nerve Damage.
By sandypops Added at October 13, 2011 Reviews 17
Lin Bigknife Bionic Gardening gloves These gloves were designed by an orthopedic surgeon to reduce hand strain and protect hand and arm areas. You can…
By Lin Bigknife Added at December 9, 2010 Reviews 16
tharr Hot Tub Hot tubs provide some great temporary relief. Heat helps by bringing natural pain relief to a sore joint. Heat increases…
By tharr Added at December 20, 2010 Reviews 16
edvel54 Big Button Universal Remote Control Big buttons and bold easy to read characters makes this Remote Control user friendly. Touch sensitive lighted keypad for operation…
By edvel54 Added at June 8, 2011 Reviews 15
tharr Voltaren Gel Voltaren Gel is a prescription NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) treatment that can be applied directly to site of osteoarthritis pain.
By tharr Added at February 27, 2010 Reviews 14
Crazy Jane BIOFREEZE rub on gel.
By Crazy Jane Added at December 23, 2010 Reviews 14
hobber Biofreeze Topical analgesic cream.
By hobber Added at May 13, 2011 Reviews 14
talkablelady Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Powder Helps Strengthen Immune Response,Supports GI Tract Health,Supports Recovery & Muscle Growth, Better than Whey Protein for Power & Performance recommend…
By talkablelady Added at July 19, 2011 Reviews 14
MissPuff Sling Folding Cane Four footed cane that opens up with a wide canvas seat, allowing a person to walk, then sit on the…
By MissPuff Added at August 9, 2010 Reviews 13
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