Juniper Berries and Raisins for Pain

By Nicole LeBoeuf-Little — From Published at March 29, 2011 Views 3,721 Comments 2 Likes 1

Arthritis and gout have been around for generations. Folk remedies for these conditions have a likewise long pedigree. Among them is a food item that sounds like it belongs in a fruitcake recipe: golden raisins soaked in gin. Though this remedy has no scientific support, many people, some of them famous, do swear by it.

A possible connection between gin-soaked raisins and pain relief is the juniper berry, a common flavoring ingredient in gin. According to the "Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine," anti-inflammatory properties are among the many medicinal qualities attributed to the juniper berry.

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Gramma K
Gramma K May 14, 2011 at 3:14 pm   

Oops! I made a spelling error…raisins NOT rasins. Sorry. The teacher in me just HAD to correct this.

Gramma K
Gramma K May 14, 2011 at 3:13 pm   

What? The answer is GIN? DEMON GIN? When I read this I had to chuckle because it is rasins soaked in gin and juniper berries which are a common ingredient in gin. So gang, do the math. What is the COMMON element? GIN! I don't like gin so I'll have to keep looking for another pain reliever.

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