What is a knee replacement surgery

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Total Knee replacement surgery, or better known as knee arthroplasty, is a much routine operation done to ease the pain, discomfort and disability from degenerative oesteo arthritis, the most common form of arthritis. Also caused due to arthritides. The surgical procedure consists of replacing the diseased, worn out and painful joint surfaces of the knee with metal and plastic prosthetic components shaped to allow normal and continued motion of the knee.

The knee bone joint of the human body is a hinge joint involving the thigh bone working in conjunction with the shin bone. Knee replacement surgery is a medical technique that removes a diseased knee joint and then replaces it with an artificial joint or something better known as a prosthesis. One of the most probable reasons for this operation is severe age related osteoarthritis and degeneration. This condition causes relentless pain, joint deformity, debilitating discomfort and mobility problems. Knee replacement surgery is known termed as ‘total knee arthroplasty’ in certain cases.

Something known as a, 'Unicompartmental knee replacement' is at times made use of instead of a total knee replacement. This can be quite effective solution when only one side of the knee has been damaged by osteoarthritis. Unicompartmental knee replacements can entail smaller incisions, reduced areas if bleeding, quicker recovery, and less bone loss than a regular total knee replacement.

Knee replacement surgery procedure
During a knee replacement surgery, the bone tissue and cartilage at the end of the thigh bone (femur) and upper sections of the shin bone (tibia) are removed. This is performed using precision instruments and gadgets to create exact surfaces to fit the implant. As the human tissue is discardd, a metal and plastic knee replacement implant is then fitted in to function as a new working knee joint. Based on the working condition of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap, this tissue may also have to be replaced. Indian hospitals excel in providing patients world class medical treatment at very affordable costs.

Partial Knee Replacement
Unicompartmental arthroplasty (UKA), also better termed as partial knee replacement, is an option for some patients if advised by the physicians. The knee is generally divided into three sections or compartments: medial (the inside sub section of the knee), lateral (or the outside), and patellofemoral (the joint between the kneecap and the thighbone area). Most patients with arthritis severe debilitating enough to consider knee replacement have significant wear and tear in two or more of the above compartments and are best treated with a total knee replacement surgery. A minority section of patients (the exact percentage is extensively debated but is probably 10-30%) have wear confined primarily to one compartment, usually the medial, and may be suitable candidates for unicompartmental knee replacement. Advantages of UKA compared to the procedure of total knee replacement (TKA) include smaller incision, easier post operative healing and rehabilitation, shorter hospital stay, less blood loss, lower risk of any secondary infection, stiffness and blood clots, and easier revision of the surgery if necessary. While most recent data statistics suggest that UKA in properly selected patients has survival rates comparable to TKA, many surgeons believe that TKA is the more reliable long term procedure. Persons with a history of infectious or inflammatory arthritis (Rheumatoid, Lupus, Psoriatic ), or marked deformity are not good candidates for this procedure. Patients who have a knee replacement surgery typically need to undergo physiotherapy and watch their weight gain post surgery. Exercising and a maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a necessary.

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