Hip Arthritis and using cane

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Hi there. Does anyone find it easier to walk with a cane when coping with hip arthritis? I work in an office and I'm constantly getting up and down but lately I need my cane. I hate the fact that I have to use it but it does help. I am experiencing groin pain more and more as I can't seem to stretch my legs out too far. I am going to PT for about six weeks and also my ortho surgeon wants me to get another cortisone injection. It did help get me out of the agonizing pain i was in..at least I can sleep in my bed and not the recliner with a heating pad all the time. I still limp though and the cane helps me not limp. Also, has anyone every tried PT for a long time when diagnosed with hip arthritis and did it do any good? Thank you for your input.

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  • peggyjane
    peggyjane October 9, 2011 at 8:08 pm   

    I have been collecting canes for a long time. So far, I haven't had to use them much. I did use them prior to being diagnosed with arthritis, but it was for a broken bone in my foot. Use your cane as a fashion accessory. I continue to collect them, but now I know that I will have to use them for my arthritis at some point, but when I do, nobody will be surprised, cos it will just be a fashion accessory, much like my hats, my jackets, my eyeglasses. I like to surprise folks with my ensembles. A cane will not surprise anybody at my workplace. Give them the unexpected every day. Be yourself, and carry yourself proudly, no matter what.

  • MWmelbourne
    MWmelbourne October 9, 2011 at 2:21 am   

    Better safe than sorry as the saying goes! It is good to get up and down from a sitting position correctly..be it a chair, toilet, car seat etc..to prevent acerbating the issue! I managed to tear up a knee more than once by being in a hurry and not using the correct assistive devices. Bouncing your head off the floor can may doctors upset too.. I dont recommend it ;-)

    There are ergonomic canes that help protect your hands & wrists that have saved me a lot of wear and tear there.. I also have folding canes that fit in my purse and/or grocery cart that are a real blessing. I always have one handy - I say my canes are a great way to keep my nose off the pavement ;-)

    My husband had both hips replaced (I cant have any more surgery due to heart issues) .. over time you will know when you reach that point when surgery is necessary.. meanwhile try not to take more than 4 cortisone injections in a year as that cane cause some liver damage and even break the joint down faster. It sounds like you have some good advice and good people working with you.
    Good luck!

  • fldamato
    fldamato July 21, 2011 at 5:30 pm   

    I am 68 and have had 3 hip replacements in my left leg. The second was botched by Dr Bill Griffin in CLT, NC so I had to have the one he did replaced at Wake forest University hospital in Winston Salem.
    Do not let your doctor give you another cortisone injection. That was the reason I had to have my first replacement at age 40.
    A cane is a necessary relief to your poor hip. It also allows you to walk properly to avoid destruction of other joints. It is good that you can get up often it will fight stiffness. So use the cane.
    I was told not to use a heating pad. Instead I make rice bags suited to where I want to place them. I put the bag in the micro for a few minutes and it lasts for about an hour.
    I also switch from hot to cold. The cold helps relieve pain, the heat helps bring blood to the area for nourishment. Both are good for dealing with Pain.
    PT is a necessary help for dealing with a body that isn't working properly.
    I teach Arthritis foundation Aquatic Exercise and Tai chi. Both are very necessary in keeping me active and pain free. I HOPE YOU WILL GET TO A CLASS AND KEEP WITH IT.

  • muddobber
    muddobber May 10, 2011 at 9:41 am   

    Hi, I am 45/M and have been through spinal fusion on my lower vertabrae. I never seem to get a concise opinion from doctors, I've been told I had severe arthritic conditions in my spine during that surgery, which did not show on MRI. After a year back at work I couldn't continue because pain increased, injury from being rushed through PT(physical therapy). I couldn't work and support my family any longer. That was 4 years ago, and I have just continued to get worse, and eventually through the worst my marriage has fallen apart, bankruptcy, and raising a special needs child. I have been fighting to get SS disability and keep getting turned down. I am sick of suffering, and not having my benefits, while the people telling me "no" are getting paid so well.
    For the record. Cymbalta is being pushed by doctors as some kind of miracle cure for pain and that is pure BS. It does nothing for pain for Most people. They are high priced placebos, and antidepressants.
    The truth is that pain can cause depression when it takes over your life. The relief I have found in limited form is with Tramadol and morphine. not by choice, but as a last resort after trigger point injections and neurology, arthritis clinic said there is nothing they can do for Osteoarthritis.
    Staying active can help with pain, mood problems. It is a fine line between helping, and overdoing, so be careful and know your personal limits. start slow, maintain a steady routine, and you will get stronger without injuring. Every day with osteoarthritis will be painful. Only you know your limits, and can best manage your pain. So don't be hyped into believing there is a miracle "feel-better-now" pill.
    Always use a cane, or what device works best to keep your balance. As well as helping to support your body, the cane is most useful to prevent falls. As we get older we must pay attention to that fact, and avoid any hospital/ER visit. If you embrace the cane as a stylish accent to your wardrobe, you will become less worried about what others think. Maybe have 2 or 3 with colors to match your taste or occasion. The cane is also a good for personal protection against an muggers or animals.

  • Shirlwain
    Shirlwain May 10, 2011 at 2:13 am   

    Hi, I am waiting on both hip replacementa to be done, like you I work in an office and have to use my cane also. More so when going up and down stairs, very old building with no lifts etc so have to use my cane constantly as well a walking outside. Like you I get up and down all day to fax machines coffee's etc and like you have had the cortasone injections, have had so many have lost count but the last lot did not do any good.I also can sleep in my own bed but am up and down all night as cannot sleep very well. I am not sure what PT is so I cant comment on that. Like Gemm below I have it all over my body and have to use other aids to, such as my sofa, had to change to a recliner as easier to stretch out and get off, and of course my motability car for getting around as have a limited walking distance due to my knees and hips. I have 3 canes, one for everyday, a fold up one I use when I go on holiday - easier to fit in my handbag and a nice patterned one if I go out for a meal etc. I hope this helps.

  • fldamato
    fldamato July 21, 2011 at 5:33 pm   

    PLEASE don't let the doc do another cortisone injection the drug destroys cartiledge.

  • Gemm
    Gemm March 5, 2011 at 12:45 pm   

    I have 3 different assisting devices I use as needed - a cane, a walker and depressingly had to also accept a motorized chair. I use them as needed and personally I don't care what anyone else thinks. If I need it I use it. I have OA throughout my entire body - every joint and the deposits completely cover every vertebrae as well as the foremen magnum at the base of my skull. I stay as active as I can (wish I'd been able to stay with PT but insurance…). I walk outside when weather permits and when it doesn't I have an area inside that I can walk in a circle (kind of) between 3 rooms or I can go to our local Wal-Mart and walk around the aisles (don't do that often though because of the scented crap all over and I've had allergies to those since childhood and COPD has made it worse). I also have a DVD with beginning Tai Chi that I use several times a week (not always daily) that has also helped me a lot.

    I have found that the more I try to stay active the better I feel - no day is totally without pain but it has become less the more I have worked on it and not allow myself to give up and allow the pain to win again as I did a few years ago. Coming back from that has been a real chore but has also motivated me not to give in to the pain again. Cortisone injections haven't helped me in some years but did for awhile before my arthritis spread so widely. If the doc wants to give you one and it helps, talk with him/her and weigh the pros and cons of it.


  • Nodaker
    Nodaker January 27, 2011 at 10:53 am   

    I use a cane quite often and decided if I was going to use it I wanted it to look good. I found a very pretty flowered one. Many people comment on it so it works as an ice breaker also. One reason for using it is that it is very difficult to stand up after sitting a while in a chair without arms - the cane saves me much effort and discomfort. Don't worry about what others think, just do what you have to in order to make your life manageble.

  • ace2god
    ace2god January 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm   

    AMEN!—-Be yourself and be proud—-it could always be worse. I have not been diagnosed with arthritis in my hips—-but I and my physical therapist think the arthritis is not just in my spine (OA facet disease) but also in my hips. I was recently diagnosed with sacroiliiitis (with scarring on my spine and right SI joint and I was diagnosed with bursitis years ago. I am only 31…am not overweight…I am really concerned about my hips though. They don't always bother me…but, when I am turning or cutting a corner, I can feel the hip against hip action and it feels like its gonna break. I used to be a runner and would love to run again. I am a teacher (4th grade), and there have been a few days where I thought I was going to not be able to meet my job's demands because of the pain in my hip/spine area—-where I almost requested a wheel chair. I am not so proud though that if and when I need a cane…if not now, I will sport the heck out of it too!…If I can' find one different enough, I will paint it myself!

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