What is insignificant arthritis?

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I had a lower back xray recently to determine the cause of sciatic and back pain and the doctor told me the radiologist had written that I had insignificant arthritis. I asked the doctor what that meant and he didn't know!
I'm aware of what insignificant means but can someone just explain to me what this means? Is it the beginning of arthritis.? Is it going to get worse? Is there anything I can do or medication I can take to prevent it from getting worse. If it is the beginning of arthritis, does it take long to get worse? I'm only 30, so I have all these questions about how it will affect my life. I also work in aged care so see how crippling it can become!
Thank you in advance! I appreciate any bit of insight!

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  • Dr Gary
    Dr GaryCA April 28 at 8:33 pm   

    HI! Glad you found your way to Arthritis Connect. It's great to have you here. I have also never heard of that condition, but it's sure worth doing some Googling on and then talking with your doctor. I had sciatica in my early 30's, so I definitely feel your pain. I encourage you to stay in close contact with your doctor and get treatment underway. Take good care of yourself! And stay in touch with us.

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