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I have RA FOR AROUND 7 years and I’m 61 now. It seemed as if it occurred after my knee replacement. When I first saw my alkaline phosphates rise. I always had a very active immune system getting swollen glands throughout life. Anyway I had taken methotrexate, prednisone and enbrel. (Oh pred def. causes facial flush).
The drug that normalized my SED RATE my CREACTIVE PROTEIN and my CCP was Xeljanz XR alone. Just lately I had inflammation in my wrist but I think it’s because my rotator cuff completely torn and my bones are to thin from osteoporosis to get surgery. I only get facial flush when I’m on prednisone 20 mg for around 3 weeks. Sugar is a little high 110 but not significant yet. What bothers me is the bruises and skin purpura I’m getting on forearms. It looks bad. Use arnica kind of helps. ANYWAY maybe XELJANZ XR would help others in case it wasn’t suggested.
I’m very sad about RA and osteoporosis. I had a good profession and my arms from torn rotator cuffs is not allowing me to comfortably work because of pain and lack of sleep. But XELJANZ XR did help RA indicators so maybe it can help others. FYI

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