Quick Poll: Has your arthritis turned you into a control freak?

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Dr Gary

My clients often talk to me about staying in control of the day-to-day details in their lives.

Some have told me that living with a chronic condition, and doing everything they need to do to take care of themselves has caused them to pretty much take control of everything. They talk about how it has become so second nature to manage every last detail that they don’t know how to turn it off. Sometimes to the annoyance of the people around them.

Others tell me they have made a concentrated effort to give their need to control a rest, even to be a little more laid back in areas of life outside of their healthcare.

But often, even clients who have let go of the need to sweat the small stuff have talked about how, when they were initially diagnosed, they went through a period of time where the anxiety about being in control landed all over the place. And how it took some time to get their balance back.

How about you? Where are you on the control continuum? Sweating the small stuff? More on the laid back side? Still figuring out the balance thing? Or does it just depend on the day?

Here’s a link to an article I wrote on this topic recently:


Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

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Replies (5 replies)

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  • redorangedog
    redorangedog August 13 at 9:26 am   

    Thanks for the great topic. Sing the Star Spangle Banner as loud as you can. This relieves stress and reduces the pain.

  • redorangedog
    redorangedog August 12 at 4:08 pm   

    Ladies don't sweat, they glow. I do not like to talk about my problems to anyone else but my doctor. Nobody likes to hear you complain, especially your husband and friends or family. Why sweat the small stuff? Some people are much worse than you. I see people that have their limbs blown off from wars we fight for freedom. Losing a child is much more painful than physical pain. Many Mother's and daughters lost their son's , daughter's and son's in wars. For emotional support join a group or Cognitive Behavioral therapy is useful. Do not complain. Walk, dance to relieve stress. Read a book. Go to the park. Do something useful for somebody else. Don't dwell on your problems. Millions of people have over 100 types of arthritis. It is not fatal. Be happy, live your life to the fullest. Make a friend, be a friend. Love your pet, love your family and friends.

  • Dr Gary
    Dr GaryCA August 12 at 7:37 pm   

    Hey Linda! Nice to hear from you here. It's been awhile since we have been in touch. Thanks for your commonsense inspiration here. Love heals, right? And yes, your perspective changes on life, and what matters, changes when you exposed to unspeakable tragedy. Let's all make every day count!

  • redorangedog
    redorangedog September 14 at 11:26 am   

    Control is an illusion. The best we can hope for is to control our own emotions. Be polite to your loved ones and neighbors. Live your life by the golden rule. You can't control the thoughts you have but you can control your response to your thoughts.

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