Cactus Drink Supplement for Inflammation

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I am wondering if anyone has tried the new inflammation supplement (drink), derived from the cactus plant in South America, that is being tauted on infomercials, and whether it works? I am currently supplementing with Glu/Chon/MSM liquid for my osteoarthritis. Is this cactus supplement currently under investigation by the FDA, and how can we encourage them to undertake that study? Any other supplements under FDA study that can be tried, such as CoQ10 or the "anti-aging" one (can't remember what it's called) to help our aging bodies? I am on the fence about supplements, although I do take vitamins and have found use in echinacea when sick, but am just about willing to try anything to make my body feel better. Would rather have the comfort in knowing they are FDA approved & monitored but realize it won't always be possible ;O)
Thanks so much!

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