Accommodations for RA

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Let’s face it…RA is tough and needs a cure. And as I’m writing this (sick again) I’m writing it from my bed. A lot of crazy stuff is happening to me right now And I’m just trying to remain positive and brave.

Prednisone is driving me batty and making me eat my birthday cake. My mom was a little upset…but I think she is starting to understand the Prednisone thing. I was eating my birthday cake of course before my birthday… Not a good thing.

It’s no fun.

I need accommodations too. I get them as well…at my school. I am registered as having a “disability” at my school: RA, Fibromyalgia, Bipolar and Anxiety. Soon Neuropathy and Sjogren’s will be added to that list.

My eyesight gets really blurry sometimes and it’s hard to see on tests unless I use drops. I also desperately need the extra test time.

I have trouble concentrating from the diseases I carry. It’s awful but true. I am doing okay in school just trying to get by. I feel like I have a full time job in school and then in fighting and living with these diseases.

So interesting yet difficult.

I’m not going to wear myself thin.

I’m not even going to wear myself out. I’m just going to keep going on and on. It’s all I can do…

My accommodations and my hard work are what make my education and life dreams possible :3

Much love and hugs to everyone!

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  • lovemy12baby
    lovemy12baby April 23, 2013 at 9:35 am   

    I have accommodations at school too. First It was just from my learning disability but they refused to give me extra time on anything except tests. So I went through u know what and back with the school trying to get extra time on papers etc. I had my ra dr fill out all the forms and that wasn't enough so finally my ra dr talked to the school and now I finally have what I need. I was trying to tell school that I don't know when a flare is going to happen etc. these colleges need to be taught about diseases so we don't have to go through such a hard time. Glad it was way easier for you. I have to do online classes as its to painful to sit in those chairs for hours.

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