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jayabee52 Trimming your nails “I have a podiatrist's clipper for toes. It has extra long handles which helps me with leverage. I bought mine…”
Shirlwain Cracking Joints “Mine started as a popping joise but now cracks everywhere and sometimes it does take me by surprise how loud…”
laura5252 Get-togethers and family events: Are you and your… “I just do! I have severe R.A. But you know everyone has something my something is RA.”
James007Bond Magnetic and copper therapy does it work? “Hi, everyone! :) I am just wondering if anyone has tried magnetic or copper jewelry for arthritis? Thanks, and have…”
pattiop Mobile App No Longer Supported “Sorry this has to happen. I rarely get to my emails and the phone app is much easier. Pattiop”

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