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Dr Gary What is the best treatment method for Rheumatoid… “HI adamandy, it is great to meet you. Glad you found your way to Arthritis Connect! I am a counselor…”
lucylove201 Massage therapy for Osteoarthritis “Hello everyone, As I mentioned earlier, I suffer from osteoarthritis. I have been enduring a lot of pain. I was…”
Meenie Complementary arthritis treatments “I'm a retired nurse and know that everyone metabolizes meds differently. When I was younger, Vicodin worked great, then just…”
nr1946 Hydrocodone “For the last 10 years I have been taking hydrocodone for my arthritis. It works. I can use my hands.”
Betafish07 I am not lazy, I have arthritis “Amen!! I admired you, can not believe you still working . I am 59 and thanks to my husband…”

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