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LornaDM Has anyone tried Celebrex? “I tried Celebrex for a week. Had a bad reaction to it because it contains Sulpha drugs. They then tried…”
redorangedog Acupuncture: A 2000-Year Tract Record UCLA 04/2015 “Great! I love how you think, Dad Cheers, red”
Now2kayak Has anyone tried Tumeric? “Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory that has quickly acted to reduce pain in my feet and upper thighs. Use it as…”
Efarmer Government controlling what pain management doctors prescribe “Hi Lori, No your not alone. Out here in the Pacific N/W we are seeing the. same thing. I was…”
Dr Gary Have you felt inspired lately? What inspired you? ““I feel inspired!” When was the last time you said that? Your first response to that question might range from…”
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